I believe wedding photography should be timeless. I shoot in a very classic yet elegant style because I believe it’s important that your wedding album does not date quickly. I shoot in a very documentary style with minimal posing. I understand that a wedding photoshoot should be fun and stress free to in turn, allow the smiles and positive emotions in the day show through in your photographs.

Your wedding day is the most glorious and special day of your life. After the lights are out, the guests have gone home and the cake has been eaten..... all that remains are memories and photographs.


I encourage you to make this the area you do not take short cuts. Be sure to hire a qualified professional. Hawke's Bay has a handful of photographers who have passed the tough review and inspection process provided by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers. Make sure you book one. The industry is now wide open to anyone to claim the title of photographer. The NZIPP has been set up to keep both the industry and consumers safe. We follow strict professional guide lines and codes of ethics. Meanwhile our work goes under the spotlight of examiners. Around 50% of potential professional photographers fail to produce up to standard work and remain unqualified within the NZIPP.





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