Attention all Camera Shy Types, Consultants, and Experts

This course is for you if…

    • You often often hide when a camera is brought out because you don’t know how to make yourself not look bad/scared/stiff/awkward….
    • You are more often the one taking the image instead of being in the image.
    • You don’t have many nice pictures of yourself and wish you did.
    • You need some nice images for work.
    • You want to look better in your social media profiles
    • You are single and considering doing online dating but hung up on not having a good photo for your profile

Who the course is also useful for...

    • Teens or tweens and women who don’t understand all that goes on behind the scenes for magazine images and are comparing themselves unfairly to them
    • If you are a keen photographer and want to know how to make people look good in photographs.

What you will learn…

  • Posing technique to diminish double chins, wrinkles, luscious arms, wobbly bellies, ample thighs, make your legs look longer and you look taller or shorter depending on what you want to achieve.
  • 3 reasons why being photogenic will help increase your income earning potential and help you create a life that you love.
  • Make up secrets to contour your face for film
  • Clothing styling to suit your specific frame (how to really rock what you got).
  • How lighting can either be your best friend or your worst enemy
  • An introduction to the 4 step Mojolution Method of becoming confident in your own body.
  • How post production works (photoshop).



Why learn from me?

Hi, I’m Mandi Lynn and I am a Master Photographer and Photogenic Coach based in Wellington, New Zealand. My specialty is helping people to bring out their Mojo on camera as well as helping businesses to tell their authentic story visually. I was a women’s health and obstetrical nurse for 15 years before I became an internationally award winning photographer. I weave my intimate knowledge of the human body mechanics with my sharp artistic eye to teach people how to best present themselves and their business…and we have a lot of fun doing it too. I work internationally to help online business people to showcase their unique story to the world.

Oh and I am an over 40 “fluffy” woman whom my dad would describe as “having a bit of meat on her bones.” I rock a size 22 label in most shops and through years of educating myself I have learned to honour where I am and use it to my advantage. It certainly wasn’t always that way and I so get being self conscious in front of the camera. I went from having the mindset of “I want to teach these photogenic and modelling tricks BUT I am a lush size woman who will listen to me?” to ” I want to teach people how to be photogenic AND I am a luscious woman so more people can relate and I am possibly less threatening than a slender coach who might not understand the frustration.” A simple mindset shift but it made all of the difference. These same techniques are the ones that I use to help you learn to honour the unique brilliance that is you and showcase exactly that…just polished so it shines effectively and translates well through the camera.

As Seen In




How Being Photogenic Will Improve Your Professional Credibility:

When you know the tricks of being photogenic you will never be caught short again. Knowing you have a collection of images that you can use at the drop of a hat to promote you and your work. These three are a handful that I worked with as a Photogenic Coach. Here is what they had to say about the usefulness of it.




The Photogenic Workshop is for you if

  • You are tired of not having beautiful images of yourself.
  • You are ready to be seen and learn to rock your unique look.
  • Your professional imagery isn’t as professional as the value you offer in your work.
  • You want to find a mate and are struggling with showing the real you on your online portfolio.
  • You run an online business and want to tell a more personal story and stop using generic stock images.
  • You are curious about what happens during a modelling shoot.
  • You want to look back on your images when you are 80 and be proud you invested in a course that made you look so good.
  • You’re an action taker.

This isn’t for you if

  • You are a successful model already.
  • If you are already very comfortable and skilled in front of the camera and can effectively tell your story and can come across true to yourself.
  • You already know how to do your hair and  makeup for film and television
  • You know how to dress for your shape
  • You know how to pose to show off your best bits and hide the ones you don’t want to feature.
  • You’re not interested in celebrating you.


My Personal Guarantee

I am so passionate about helping you to be photogenic that I have no problem standing behind what I do.   I want you to be seen.  Clients who have come to my photo shoots have had their lives changed by the confidence it gave them.  I decided to teach this course so that I can teach these techniques to more than just those that I can see one to one.   You deserve to be celebrated for all that you bring to the world. Please stop hiding…the world needs you to shine as only you can.

In fact, if you follow my simple steps to being photogenic – there’s practically no way you can’t rock out some beautiful images of yourself.

And once you learn these techniques, you have them for life.

So where and when is the course?

Hawke's Bay
New Zealand


COST: $47.00 NZD

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